[Community] Money makes the world go round? Yes: new paid developer program for OpenPhoenux/Goldelico

lores lores000 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 14:30:54 CEST 2012

Sounds like a great idea to me. Hope it will find enough supporters, both from the developer and
donator camps...

On 10/07/12 13:14, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> if we look at the steadily growing number of applications
> initiated e.g. by the iOS developer program and compare
> it to our OpenPhoenux, there is obviously some fundamental
> factor driving one and missing in the other...
> Thousands of students and developers are subscribing to
> such programs for one reason: it opens an opportunity to
> earn some money. While pure FLOSS projects have no
> such direct return.
> Well, FLOSS is a lot of fun, gives reputation and knowledge,
> but if you can get additional benefits through such programs,
> the choice is obvious. Especially in times where it is no
> longer for sure that one has a paid full-time job + enough
> spare time for volunteer work.
> Since money and freedom are not antagonists ("free as
> in "free speech" and not in "free beer"),  I think we should
> try to combine both to the benefit of our OpenPhoenux
> project.
> The first step is to create a program [1] where developers
> (and other contributors) can subscribe who are interested
> in getting some money as compensation for non-volunteer
> (i.e. directed with clear targets, deliverables and deadlines)
> work.
> So that we know them and their expertise areas and levels.
> The idea is that there is a mailing list where we (the project
> leading team) propose subtasks needing development
> (e.g. camera driver, bug fixing etc.) and interested
> developers can also make proposals what they could offer.
> The rough idea is to resemble a permantently installed GSoC
> that is not limited to students. Or e.g. the Linux kernel and
> other FLOSS projects where companies send employees
> to contribute.
> But there may also be non-software tasks to be done, e.g.
> hardware development, marketing etc.
> Where does the money come from? The plan is that it comes
> from some % of the hardware sales of OpenPhoenux devices
> (as soon as the fundamental production problems are vanquished).
> And from donations. Currently there isn't very much honey
> in pot, but it is not completely empty (thanks to some donations).
> So the more OpenPhoenux devices are sold, the more
> money becomes available for the developer program.
> This makes the OpenPhoenux better and better and more
> attractive to new users who buy devices - forming a positive
> feedback loop.
> So this is just a start of the idea and the details may be
> refined in the future based on the experiences we make
> in this process.
> Nikolaus
> PS: this is not limited to future devices but also for new developments
> for the GTA01/GTA02 which we think as part of the OpenPhoenux
> family.
> [1]: http://projects.goldelico.com/p/openphoenux/page/PaidDeveloper/
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