[Community] +++ Group Tour finished +++ OpenPhoenux 3704 samples available +++ GTA04A4 Second Choice offer +++ GTA04A5 preorders +++

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Tue Dec 18 21:36:55 CET 2012

+++ Group Tour Finished +++

Finally, after getting grey hair and not having much fun,
we have shipped (with 6 exceptions) the remaining
GTA04A4 boards to those who have patiently waited
and paid long time ago (and where we know the address
is still correct).

Thanks for supporting our project!

We have learned a lot about leading edge electronics
production technology - and that it is not sufficient to
have 100.00% perfect schematics and PCB layout.

Since even if samples work, getting things into mass production
needs a different set of experience. Plus - as usual - the
right tools! Knowing what the right tool is, is a big challenge
and sometimes has to be found by experimenting.

After all, we are still not frustrated enough, to chuck this
GTA04 activities and will therefore continue on
OpenPhoenux and GTA devices (see below) :)

+++ OpenPhoenux 3704 samples available +++

As you probably know there is a variant of the GTA04
board that we call GTA04-Custom. It does not have
all connectors, especially no battery connector
and no display connector. But it comes with two
board-to-board connectors that are not available on
the standard GTA04 board.

This makes it possible to use it as a OMAP3+WLAN
module and connect to a different display, battery etc.

We have done this to build the OpenPhoenux 3704
and are now able to offer samples of a complete
PDA-style handheld device intended for professional
use (e.g. ticketing, payment, data collection, museum
guide, etc.).

This is the first really complete OpenPhoenux device
where you do not need to hunt and disembowel an
old GTA01 or GTA02.

Since the devices have been hand-manufactured in
very low quantities, the price tag is not lowest end...
but please see yourself [1].

If someone needs a variant of this device for some project,
please contact us. We can build as many as needed and
even smaller modifications are possible. The price per
unit goes down fast, if someone is interested in bigger

And the best thing, it is 100% compatible to the GTA04
since it *is* a GTA04 :)

[1]: http://www.handheld-linux.com/wiki.php?page=OpenPhoenux%203704

+++ Remaining GTA04A4 Second Choice offer +++

Before we finally had finished the production and repairs
of the GTA04A4 boards, it was not at all clear if we have
enough working boards for all participants of the Group Tour.

And it was even more questionable if there would be a single
unit remaining, that was not pre-ordered.

But now we know we have none left over :(

There is no excess board that is working, but a handful of boards
with known issues:

The boards with issues are (as far as we know):

5285-0021	RS232-RX broken; no microphone installed, everything else appears to work
5285-0041	USB port broken, everything else (incl. charging and telephony) appears to work
5285-0054	USB port broken, no microphone intsalled; everything else (incl. charging) appears to work
5285-0069	WLAN does not work; power LED does not show green; everything else (incl. telephony) ok
5285-0079	I2C2 broken - no sensor or touch or LED works; UMTS & WLAN broken; Bluetooth, GPS ok
5285-0093	WLAN does not work; touch screen controller broken/not repairable; UMTS has no sound; everything else ok
5285-0095	WLAN&Bluetooth does not work; UMTS does not work
5285-0100	I2C2 broken - no sensor or touch or LED works; UMTS, WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS ok (telephony not tested)
5285-0109	RS232-RX broken; everything else (incl. telephony) ok

For these second choice boards we can offer a rebate to 299 EUR
(incl. German VAT).

Please send me an e-mail which unit you want to get or if you have
questions to a specific number.

Finally, we have ca. 10 GTA04A4 boards where further repair attempts
are not promising any more. You can get one as sort of a trophy if
you donate at least 50 EUR [2].

You may imagine how much money has been put into building them,
so please consider supporting the OpenPhoneux project...

[2]: http://www.handheld-linux.com/wiki.php?page=GTA04%3ADonation

+++ GTA04A5 preorders +++

Now as we have finally learned everything about mass production
and the adventure of the first group tour is finished, it is time
to kick-start the next one.

As with any major version increment, this time it should run much
smoother... And if not, we will do Version A6 :)

So we plan to produce up to 200 more GTA05A5 units at a price of
555.55 EUR [3].

Production can start after we have really finalized the PCB layout.
Work on the layout had been slowed down while fixing the GTA04A4

The reason why we need a redesign is that we have to solve some
minor production issues, replace obsolete components and to add
some small features.

But before we can start production, we need some money upfront
and finally decide how many units we will build this time.

Therefore, we immediately start to collect pre-orders [2] for approx. 2
months and then start production. Please expect delivery by end of March.
I will keep you updated on the status.

[3]: http://www.handheld-linux.com/wiki.php?page=GTA04

So it remains for me to say thank you for all supporters
of the OpenPhoenux adventure and your continued support.

And I want to say that I enjoy every day to be member of this
OpenPhoenux community.

Let's make the OpenPhoenux fly to new levels next year!


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