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maybe we could organize an OpenPhoenux for Sam and his challenge? :)

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Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 11:01:24 +0000
Subject: [OHANDA] a Year of Open Source Everything

 I'm a filmmaker based in Berlin, about to start a year of trying to
live as free / libre / open source as possible - not just software but
also hardware, clothes, music... everything. it will be the subject of
a weekly video series throughout the year, with plenty of articles and
interviews along the way. The fastest way to get to grips with the
idea is probably to watch the pitch video [1].

 I want to use the project as a way to portray the idea and benefits
of freedom, transparency and modification in the products we use, and
tell my story of discovery as a way of tying all of these various
different aspects together, whether legal, technical, or cultural. I
think the OHANDA approach is an admirable one and something more
people need to hear about, and I'd love to meet up with someone (or a
few people) from the organisation to talk about its aims and processes
- I'd like to film something if possible but there are other options
we can discuss for the camera-shy...

 I think OHANDA tackles a key issue in this movement and I'd like to
show what you're doing relatively early on in the project (which
starts in 6 days!) but I can start by giving a summary of who you are
and what you're doing, link to your site, and then a little later in
the project we can do a more in-depth feature. 

 Please let me know if anyone from OHANDA would be interested in
helping out with the project in any way, if you can offer any support
or advice, and if you have any links to other projects / organisations
that may be relevant to my project, they would be very welcome!
 Sam Muirhead
 www.yearofopensource.net [2]

[1] http://mail.gandi.net/www.indiegogo.com/yearofopensource
[2] http://mail.gandi.net/www.yearofopensource.net
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