[Om-beagle-panda-hybrid] Hi from Bulgaria

Kiril Petrov openmoko at geomi.org
Wed Dec 22 15:26:22 CET 2010

Hi guys, 
I'm so excited about successful  continue of community based Openmoko project.  
Since first release of Freerunner, I've until now 4 Freerunners,  as two of 
them working on the filed for several telemetry projects, one is on my desk 
on which I'm currently hacking FSO+SHR to create security tracking system for 
my car, and one is on standby. The last one I want to upgrade_to/buy (when is 
ready) more powerfull GTA04 version, so I can attach additional peripherals 
(CAN Bus controlers), some image processing subsystem (Now I've using camera 
on USB port , but GPRS is so slow for real time video transmission, and no 
possibilities for image processing). My previous plans was to bye stock 
version of BB, but according to the last good news in the mailing list, GTA04 
is coming in the right time and shape. 

Happy hacking with OMB ;)

Kiril Petrov
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