[Letux-kernel] ov9655 camera

H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Tue Jan 17 21:15:07 CET 2017

I started to write an e-mail to the linux-media list
and while compiling information and examples I found
that our media-ctl script tries to configure the
camera by the entity name "ov9655 2-0030".

This made me hesitate and do some tests. Indeed,

	media-ctl -e "ov9655 2-0030" => Entity 'ov9655 2-0030' not found


	media-ctl -e "ov9650 2-0030" => Entity 'ov9650 2-0030' not found

as well.

media-ctl -p lists all entities the kernel knows about
and there it is simply called "ov9650".

	media-ctl -e "ov9650" => /dev/v4l-subdev8

And, interestingly the camera is powered on and off again
by these operations!

So it is not a real driver issue but user-space config...

I will fix this and try to get more out of the camera.
mplayer still shows a green picture, but that can now
be missing or wrong mode-setup of the module or sync
polarity (which I can test with the oscilloscope if
the module stays powered on while running mplayer).

So here we finally after so much waiting time, we have
a big step forward :)


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