[Gta04-owner] wifi patches in letux-base?

Andreas Kemnade andreas at kemnade.info
Sun Jan 24 23:06:42 CET 2016


> > These things are not upstreamed and require more analysis.
> > I will check these.
> > Still waiting to be ported from my 3.7-neil-plus-plus:
> > 8b9da484f3f4e7129debf887f373dd2d95f96068
> > wireless:libertas: fix race conditions on resume
> > That is definitively needed in recent kernels.
> I have cherry-picked and fixed 3 merge conflicts. Two appeared to be easy but one (if_sdio_power_restore)
> wasn't. Please look into it when I push the merge results in the next days.

That patch is (as said in an earlier email not easy portable to current kernels (past async fw loading)
The stuff in the my 3.7-neil-plus-plus branch could be merged with goldelico 3.7-neil-plus-plus
branch, changes besides the race condition:
wifi power management when not connected.

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