[Gta04-owner] Invitation to indicate interest in next batch of GTA04A5 boards

Szymon Olewniczak szymon.olewniczak at rid.pl
Thu Mar 28 16:21:25 CET 2013

the old principle of marketing says: If we cannot offer a lower price,
we should offer something that will stand out our phone from the
cheapest ones. One idea that comes to my mind is mesh-based 
networks. Do you hear about Serval(http://www.servalproject.org/) project? 
It aims to create phone based mesh network that will allow their users
to comunicate each other using their phones as the transmitters and
recievers. They have already had an android application which 
you can use to connect phones into mesh network but it isn't perfect. By
default(on unrooted android phone) it cannot work exacly as an mesh
network(during my tests when I've connected  two of my phones to the router and
then come out of my router's range carring two phones in my hands, they
sadly haven't rebuild the route to keep the call.). Maybe when we
implemented the Serval nativly in OpenPhoneux, we would find a greater
market for that. I've read on the Serval project page that they will 
eventually create a special phones that will communicate using unlicesed
frequencies(called batphone) rather than wi-fi connections(can someone
explain me what can be benefits of this). Maybe we can
combine our efforts to create the next generation of open phones?

Happy Hacking!

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