[Gta04-owner] Dual boot.

Alexander Rumyantsev ran at mail.wplus.net
Wed Mar 27 04:56:25 CET 2013

> > Derived from your numbers (and I have no doubt in them), mass production is 
> > really the key. Not sure if it was discussed before: Can a dual boot GTA04 be 
> > built Android/Replicant + QtMoko ? 
> > 
> > That means everybody has access to all the Android apps and people buying 
> > GTA04 at least do not need to worry to buy a second phone with Android to run 
> > a certain app. People just running Android on GTA04 help GTA04 to make use of 
> > economy of scale....plus they have a reasonable chance to get a device which 
> > sees updates for a long time.
> > 
> > Rainer
> > 
> Dual boot would be trivial, and getting Android or Replicant running should
> certainly be possible.  But nobody is actually doing it.

Please, try http://turbobit.net/l4d245mlfg57.html
To prepare working SD: ./replicant_gta04_install.sh system /dev/sdb into restored
directory. ( change /dev/sdb to your device ). Boot from SD1 using new uBoot.
It is no problem to prepare dual-boot from this. I would like to get any SD-layout 
idea from interested person.

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