[Gta04-owner] NAND with 3.7 kernel?

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Wed Mar 20 10:40:50 CET 2013


Am 19.03.2013 um 23:31 schrieb John Ogness:

> On 2013-03-19, Rico Rommel <rico at bierrommel.de> wrote:
>>> Anyone tried to enable jffs2 and to read/write the NAND flash written
>>> by the 2.6.32 kernel?
> jffs2 is outdated. You really should be using ubi+ubifs.

You are right.

I simply forgot that ubifs exists because it did not work on the 2.6.32 kernel and I had though to simply upgrade the kernel and reuse the existing NAND contents...

But I have made it working with the 3.7 kernel (needs more config changes than jffs2). It still needs some testing and cleanup of the flash-nand script but then we will have a new default NAND image.

-- hns

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