[Gta04-owner] qtmoko qtopiawhereabouts using gpsd

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Thu Mar 7 11:13:08 CET 2013

On Thursday, March 07, 2013 10:29:39 AM Stefan Wildemann wrote:

> Hi together,
> I've almost finished porting gpsdwhereabouts to use libgps and therefore
> nicely comunicate with
> current gpsd. Basically my port is working, but needs some code-cleanup
> before I'll post it here.


> Btw: What's the preferred method to bring patches to qtmoko?

For me easiest way is if you fork qtmoko on github and push your changes 
there. If they are in branch (ideally in separate branch for each topic) i can 
just press "merge button". But sending output of git format-patch is fine too.

> But as always I discovered one qtmoko (Debian) question. Where to
> correctly report build
> time dependency to libgps-dev package and install time dependency to
> libgps20. I Think it should work
> with older libgps19 as well but I did not test it yet.

You can add them to debian/control files - that should be enough.


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