[Gta04-owner] Earspeaker, Vibramotor

Hermann Schwärzler hermann.schwaerzler at chello.at
Sun Mar 3 14:35:26 CET 2013

Hello Everybody!

I am an owner of a gta04 (a4) but not of an GTA02 or similar so I am
lacking some parts to have a fully working phone.

Some days ago I found an old non-working Sony Ericson T230 while
rummaging in the "potential toys" drawer of my kids. I disassembled it
and found two parts that might work with my gta04:

1. An earspeaker labeled "LTR711B" (see attachment "ltr711b..."). It is
rectangular in shape but seems to fit into the case (I am using a 3D
printed one) if I take a sharp knife to square the circle that normally
takes the earspeaker. I plan to solder/glue some kind of "adapter" to
the speaker in order to put the contacts of the speaker to the right spot.
But there are some questions I have w.r.t. this:
 * Impedance: I measured 30 Ohms with my multimeter which is
   promising, as it should be 32 Ohms, shouldn't it?
   But do multimeters measure restistance using AC?
 * If I put it into place it will cover two contact-points
   (see attachment "covered_contacts"). These are labeled "RFID+" and
   "RFID-" in the manual (last page).
   Is this a problem? What are those used for?

2. A vibra-motor (see attachment "shicoh...") labeled "SHICOH B7R2A". It
fits almost perfectly into its place in the case, but the contacts are
not at the right spot.
I guess the original vibra-motor has its contacts at the very edge of
one side, doesn't it? I am thinking about bending the contacts such that
they are at the right place...
Do you think I can use this motor?
What are the exact (mechanical or electral) specifications of a usable

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