[Gta04-owner] Touch screen patch for Android

Paul Kocialkowski paulk at paulk.fr
Tue Jul 30 19:45:54 CEST 2013

Le mardi 30 juillet 2013 à 16:55 +0200, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller a
écrit :
> > The patch is backported from newer android version (4.2?)
> Most likely (since I don't guess that you did have early access to 4.3 :)

4.3 was released a couple days ago actually.

> > but if Paul prefers 
> > doing this in kernel i'd do it there - unless this breaks Xorg or qtmoko.
> For Xorg it might work because it might be totally unused. The X protocol
> has time stamps but since an evdev driver is much newer and X time stamps
> did work 30 years ago without any kernel support, I suspect that Xorg simply
> has its own timestamp mechanism built in the input drivers.

That's good to know. Worst case scenario, we could ifdef in our kernel
and have one defconfig for GNU/Linux and one for Android.

> So, technically I don't see a major problem with a kernel patch, but it breaks the
> chance to get it upstream...

But I think the best way to go is to have one mainline-compliant kernel
and one with the Android stuff, such as this patch, merged.

> And if we upgrade to 4.2 at some (near?) future we can remove it again...

I think (but I'm not sure) that new Android versions such as 4.2 need
this patch as well. It is a new introduction of 4.0 (it worked without
patching in older versions) and I'd be surprised if it had been removed

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