[Gta04-owner] openmoko gta04 for sale

Peter Thurner peter at blunix.org
Wed Jul 24 17:13:57 CEST 2013

Hm welll i thought about a "bit" more than 250 to be honest. i payed 
around 6-700 for it if i'm not misstaken.
its the gta04a4, as it was the last unit to be shipped from the group 
tour. no camera. condition is perfect, i can seriously describe it as 
basically unused (the board), the display might look a bit used but its 
still perfectly ok. so is the casing (looks very good). battery is as 
good as new.


Am 24.07.2013 10:52, schrieb Peter Thurner:
> hello people,
> I've had my openmoko gta04 for quite some time now and I played a bit 
> around with it.. but after all, its not for me I guess, I currently 
> dont have the time to work and develop on it and I guess that wont 
> change soon. So I think its better for the community if somebody gets 
> it who has the time to really do some development on it.
> To the Hardware itself, well its a new moko gta04 it must have been 
> approx. the last shipped one from the group tour. Its the whole phone 
> device, as in display casing new board new battery. I have a charging 
> unit somewhere if you should need it.
> I would prefer to sell it to somebody who can contribute to the 
> development of the openmoko community projects.
> I have currently no idea what the device is worth, so you can just 
> send me your price (i'm also happy if you know what it is worth 
> approx. and just tell me so I have an approximation).
> I can ship internationally of course, I live in Berlin / Germany and 
> if you want you can come by and take a look at the device. If you want 
> I can also send pictures. You can also pay in Bitcoin if you want to.
> wish you all a nice week,
> peter
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Cause there is no real market for this phones and none new are 
available, it's a bit difficult to say anything about the price. A new 
board was 499-599€ plus a GTA02 (currently by eBay for unused 35-100€). 
But I am searching for GTA04 or boards, so I would by Yours for 250€ or 
bit more.....depends on condition and version 
(GTA04A2..A3...A4?)....what is build in? cam?

Kind regards

Sebastian Reinhardt

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