[Gta04-owner] Non-free drivers for powervr available ?

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Tue Jul 2 11:16:31 CEST 2013


Am 02.07.2013 um 11:07 schrieb Adrien Dorsaz:

> Hello,
> Does someone know if we have non-free powervr drivers and if we are able
> to install them on Debian ? If so, is there any documentation (how
> should I compile my kernel, package, ...) ?

Yes, everything is where it should be :)

The latest hw-validation (neil-plus) kernel already includes the drivers.

And a documentation is here:


> I've found some documentation on TI website (not sure if it's thee good
> one...), but I don't know anything about that, so I ask you before
> spending time on reading their documentation.
> My goal is to test Gnome 3 on my phone, but they need EGL (even to show
> their onscreen keyboard...) and so I thought I need 3D drivers.

Here are the libraries as .deb packages:


Some technical background:
* PVR needs a kernel driver (open source) to communicate from user space
with the GPU
* there are non-free libraries and some binary (a microkernel) injected by
the pvrsrvinit tool
* there are different precompiled binaries for armel and armhf
* these have simply been repacked into the .deb mentioned above (plus some
* if you need the full SDK, please download it from the TI pages.

Please share experiences.


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