[Gta04-owner] [Community] Impressions from running Replicant

Paul Kocialkowski paulk at paulk.fr
Mon Jul 1 23:43:52 CEST 2013

Hi! I'm back working on Replicant and while I'm currently focusing on
Android phones, I'll get back to working on GTA04 soon.

Thanks a lot for your interest in Replicant, we actually need help to
get things moving. I'll respond to the mails as they appear in
chronological order so that I'm sure to leave no question unanswered.

> So I must say I am really impressed what the Replicant
> developers have crafted! Kudos to you and keep up your
> great work!

Well, what you've experienced is mainly Android and CyanogenMod, that we
use pretty-much as-is, we don't get credit for that :)

> I am starting to think about making a goldelico supported
> replicant image so that future GTA04 owners can order
> it right away on a big SD card. This might help a little
> to increase interest in our work, although it is obvious that
> the GTA04 does not really stand out in the big, big crowd
> of Android devices.

I'm sure it'll help increasing interest towards GTA04.
Also, Fairphone brightly succeeded in their way, maybe we could learn a
thing or two from them.

Paul Kocialkowski, Replicant developer

Replicant is a fully free Android distribution

Website:        http://www.replicant.us
Wiki/Tracker:   http://redmine.replicant.us

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