[Gta04-owner] Replicant port getting started and reboot question

PaulK paulk at paulk.fr
Sat Mar 31 13:04:59 CEST 2012

Hi! A few days ago, I received a GTA04A4 board to port the Replicant
system on this amazing device. Replicant is a fully free version of
Android (currently on 2.3/gingerbread version).

So far, we have integrated kernel and bootloader to Android buildsystem
and produced images based on neil's 3.2 tree with android initramfs.
It fails very soon (at init stage) because of the various
android-specific parts that are still missing. We are now integrating
android-specific parts from linaro 3.3 android kernel to the 3.2 GTA04

Android/CyanogenMod/Replicant comes along with Recovery, an
initramfs-stored UI that permits to easily flash/restore images.
We are planing to port recovery to gta04. Though, as it's a different
kenrel image than the one to do a regular boot, the bootloader needs to
be notified that we're rebooting in recovery mode in order to load the
correct kernel. 

I have tried to look at how beagleboard handles this, but I couldn't
find a kernel with reboot-to-recovery support. Though, I have found
relevant parts on Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus kernel board files:
* Nexus S (S5PC110): http://pastie.org/3702815
* Galaxy Nexus (OMAP4): http://pastie.org/3702887

I writes reboot mode with: 
writel(flag, sar_base + SAR_BANK2_OFFSET - 0xC);

Where could I write such a value for GTA04 to make it readable by u-boot
after reboot?

Paul Kocialkowski, Replicant developer

Replicant is a fully free Android distribution

Website:        http://www.replicant.us
Wiki/Tracker:   http://redmine.replicant.us

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