[Gta04-owner] Some remarks on qtmoko v41

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Mon Mar 19 13:53:27 CET 2012

On Monday 19 March 2012 12:28:16 Sven Dyroff wrote:

> 1.) Booting
> I't not predictable what will happen after inserting the battery. The
> currently encountered possibilities are:
> a) Rarely: Phone hangs at once with a constantly green shining power
> button and black display.
> b) Sometimes: Does what it should, namely booting up to the screen where I
> can enter my PIN.
> c) Frequently: Booting up to the qtmoko-screen without asking me for my
> PIN, then hangs there (not any reaction on touch). I need to press the
> power button, then ...
> c1) ... I can touch the green return-arrow and get the qtmoko-screen
> again, which is usable, now.
> c2) ... I can touch the green return-arrow and get the dialog to enter my
> PIN, but with message "please wait" forever and without unlock-icon. In
> this case I need to restart the phone again in order to see, which one of
> the described possibilities it will choose for me, now. Thus in some rare
> cases I already had to boot the phone thrice.

I might take a look at these later. I am currently still working on reliable 
phone calls... So rare problems with workarounds have wait now.

> 2.) Power management
> If I followed this mailing list right, it was mentioned that poweroff
> should now go down to about 100 µA for RTC. I cannot confirm this. It's
> the same as before: When I load the battery to 100% full, then poweroff
> the phone for 12 hours and then poweron it again, battery is then less
> than 70% full. I tried two cases, both with the same result:

I cant help much here. I think the focus is now (or should be ;-) to make low 
power consumption in suspend. I personally never power it off.

> 3.) GPS
> I meanwhile managed to get my first fix. But reception seems to be very
> weak. I need free glance to the sky in all directions, then it takes about
> 2 minutes for first fix with internal antenna. When being in a forest, I
> had no chance, although the trees currently don't have greenery and so
> through them I could see the sky without problems. At home even with
> external antenna placed onto the window ledge, still no chance.
> I have a question about NeronGPS. I found the following nice
> documentation: http://tvuillaume.free.fr/NeronGPS/users_guide.htm  But
> what do the "+" and the "-" mean? In qtmoko v41 they're now no more within
> circles, but placed within the upper left and right corner. But what do
> they mean? Can anyone please explain?

I have NeronGPS as submodule and it seems that i messed up and made release 
with wrong version. This one is newer but the older was nicer and more 
advanced. I'll fix this in v42.



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