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Jack Jones sanctuarys3172 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 9 18:16:40 CET 2012

Item arrived (Friday) put micro sd into device,then battery,"aux" light at top shines red and power button shines green then red intermittently ,after a few minutes  in this state (screen is white(live) but no qt moko.Then I decided to press power button for more than 5 sec's and device shuts down.
Now it will not wake into any live state----Have I damaged battery,,does battery damage in fact? do i need to use the serial cable now?----Did you when you checked it ove reset it with serial interface?

Any ideas Dr Nikolaus?

 From: Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns at goldelico.com>
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Subject: Re: [Gta04-owner] Blinking LEDs on 3.2 kernel?

Am 09.03.2012 um 01:33 schrieb Radek Polak:

> On Thursday 08 March 2012 20:08:04 NeilBrown wrote:
>> On Thu, 8 Mar 2012 15:26:05 +0100 Radek Polak <psonek2 at seznam.cz> wrote:
>>> On Thursday 08 March 2012 15:13:50 Christoph Mair wrote:
>>>> Yes. There should be something in /sys/class/leds. I can't remember
>>>> the exact details, but Neil described them here on the ML.
>>> Yes I can see them, but i have figured out just "brightness" files that
>>> accepts brightness 0..255
>>> On 2.6.32 blinking was possible by writing 17..31 values according to [1]
>> modprobe ledtrig-timer
>> echo /sys/class/leds/gta04:whatever/
>> echo timer > trigger
>> echo 10000 > delay_off
>> echo 500 > delay_on
>> See also
>> http://lists.goldelico.com/pipermail/gta04-owner/2011-December/001043.html
> Thanks a lot, it works perfectly. If i had more time i would write it on the 
> wiki. It would be nice to have someone watching the list and keeping up to 
> date docs for 3.2 kernel.

I have added that to


This is also the recommended way of documenting it. Just a second
section in the documents of the gta04-kernel project.

The support for the 2.6.32 kernel will end some time in the future
and then we can remove the old descriptions (they will stay in
the "old revisions archive").


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