[Gta04-owner] Front cover 3D print

Lukas Märdian lukasmaerdian at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 8 20:29:03 CET 2012

On 08.03.2012 20:22, Lukas Märdian wrote:
> On 08.03.2012 12:50, Alexander Lehner wrote:
>> I just received the front cover from shapeways with Lukas' design in
>> - white polished
>> - black
>> Both pieces fit absolutely perfect into the original middle part.
>> Lukas - great job!
>> The polished version didn't have any complications. It looks more like a
>> lady-style cover, while the black part is something for real men: it's a
>> bit rough and gives you the feeling like having a concrete phone in the
>> hand. But cool ;)
>> Lukas: is the middle part already worth to give it a try?
>> Maybe some fancy material like glass or even iron?
> Hey cool! Thanks again for your test. The "black strong & flexible"
> front looks really cool on the picture!
> You will recognize, the "rough" material will get a very nice feeling,
> after it's used for some time!
> The middle part is working. Nikolaus has one already. But I've some
> changes for it in the pipline, which you could wait for (buttons, clips,
> ...).
> I'll order my next prototype after I've finished the work on the middle
> part and spoke to Nikolaus about his experiences with the "complete" set
> of case parts.
> The next step after that prototype will be cost reduction. I'll try to
> achieve about 50€ for a complete kit.
> BR,
>   Lukas

Ah, I forgott:

Glass and/or iron are not possible due to detail limitations.

I designed the case to fit a min. wall thickness of 0.7 mm. Glass and
iron need at least 3mm which isn't possible with this design.

I deactivated all materials at the Shapeways site which doesn't fit the
detail of the design.


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