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Sven Dyroff S.Dyroff at phytec.de
Thu Mar 8 18:17:11 CET 2012

> How many people do actually have already a GTA04 and are developing on 

Just to give my bit to the discussion:

I've got a GTA04A4 but up to now I'm not developing on it. I'm completely 
new to Openmoko. Up to January 2012 I even didn't know that something like 
this even exist. At the end of December last year I got the radio stream 
from Chaos Communication Congress where I got very big ears when listing, 
that some guys are building up an GSM stack. But that was for base 
stations. Because of that I asked a guy from our local CCC group if also 
something like an "open handy" exists and so I got the term "openmoko". 
Rest was some research in the net that gave me "www.gta04.org". It was 
quite by accident that just at this moment the possibility for ordering 
GTA04A4 had opened and after having a telephone call with Nikolaus I found 
the idea such great, that I didn't wanted to wait any longer. I ordered 
the whole device with case, camera and serial cable for 854 EUR. Now I'm 
concerned in catching up all the information you already have in order to 
get a picture, what I really have...

Omitting all the technical stuff I would say in short words: I got an 
D.I.Y. mobile. And the D.I.Y. concept is something that is liked by people 
that are politically very left orientated like me. Why do I tell you that?

Because there's upcoming an event that I think might be very interesting 
for you:  http://www.lima12.de

On this annual meeting those people are discussing about alternative 
media. Mainly such things like self-made radio, but not only. It would be 
a good chance to spread the idea of openmoko, if someone will go to there 
who is able to describe what's going here, without all the technical 
details. It should be possible with demonstrating QtMoko, because the 
clearness and usability of its UI is great, although much development 
still has to be done.

Unfortunately I will not be there, but perhaps there's a GTA04-user in 
Berlin? If there's someone, please feel free to contact me if you need 
more information about that scene. I'm a member of a non-commercial local 
radio station here since more than 10 years.

Of course this will not directly bring up the filling-level-picture in 
your Group-Tour, because none of them will order a motherboard without all 
the remaining stuff. But it will increase the interest in this project by 
far a big step. And thinking of bringing these two "poles" together, 
that's my "development" I'm doing at the moment.

Best regards

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