[Gta04-owner] Beta Tester's Report on SHR

Sven Dyroff S.Dyroff at phytec.de
Thu Mar 1 09:50:44 CET 2012


I couldn't resist to try out SHR, now. I used the version whose link has 
been posted in this list some days ago.

Starting the phone
After booting the first time - which took very very long time - SHR asked 
lots of questions where it wanted to have text being entered. But where on 
earth can I get the keyboard displayed for that? I couldn't find one, so I 
skipped these questions. The text "next" appeared at the bottom of the 
screen, in most cases messed up with other screen content, but at least it 
Booting for the second time was very fast, but I didn't get the home 
screen with all the icons. There where only some few icons at the top of 
the screen. I tried them out and somehow I got the icons back in the end. 
But not as expected with the house-icon which I expected to be "home", but 
with another that seems to be able to split the screen for some unknown 
reason. After touching this icon again and again I got the right screen. 
And besides I found the keyboard icon, but I couldn't remember if this has 
already been there when all the questions arised.
And what was astonishing: Althoug I removed the battery before the phone 
presented the right date and time! With QtMoko after having the battery 
removed for some time I always have to enter time and date again.
So my astonished questions are: How did SHR managed to get the RTC 
supplied without battery? Any why doen't QtMoko manage this?

Neither could I make calls nor could I receive calls. That was exactly the 
behaviour I expected, because up to this time SHR never had asked me for 
my PIN. But where on earth shall I enter it??

Terminal session
Please explain me how I manage that this stubborn keyboard does what I 
want? I even wasn't able to enter simplest commands like "ls" or "pwd" 
because the keyboard did everything, but not giving me some simple 

I only see a blank screen with some zeroes at the bottom and a 2000km 
measuring stick above. Even after minutes with an external antenna this 
doesn't change. Is there an easy way to find out if the GPS module of my 
GTA04 is functioning at all? Remember: QtMoko also didn't give me any GPS 

Of course without PIN no connection. But nice to find one more browser 
from which I never heared before: "eve". Is it a way to become famous to 
create one's own browser? Is Firefox so much terrible?

Mumpty Physics
Very funny, indeed. But what is this?

Power management
No reaction by the battery icon when connecting USB to a power supplying 
device. "Settings" / "Power" first says "Loading 4 modules" like many SHR 
settings want to load several modules each time you call them, but then I 
only get "Charge: N/A%", "Power info: N/A" and "Status: N/A". How do I 
manage to load the battery with SHR?

Extremely much stuff for a beginner. I resign and ruefully return to 
QtMoko. But up to the next version of QtMoko coming, I'll dream that this 
upcoming version also will be able to supply the RTC while the battery has 
been removed like SHR does...

Ethernet Gadget
I admit it would have been too easy if the IP would have been the same 
like QtMoko has:! But what is the right IP? Without a 
working keyboard on a phone's terminal session no chance to enter 
"ifconfig" in order to inspect it by myself, and I didn't want to open the 
case in order to connect a serial cable. At least not yet. For the moment 
I still avoid to become too much freaky, because my goal is to be able to 
present this phone also to friends that do not much understand from 

Shutting down the phone
I press the power button, select "Shutdown", even approve with "Yes" and 
get the goodbye message: "Please wait: booting...". Then the phone 
switches off. Oh yes, I really want to return to QtMoko, happily!!

And I cannot spare you what I nastily thought at this moment: Yes, it was 
Micro$oft where I had to click "Start" in order to shutdown an OS. Same 
thing, just reversed. That was before I switched to Ubuntu...

Best regards,

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