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On Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 12:49 AM, NeilBrown <neilb at suse.de> wrote:
> [resending to devel@ because it seems prjmgr@ is deprecated]
> Hello to the Linux driver project....
> You might have heard of the Openmoko smartphone that was released some years
> ago and faded a bit.
> You may not have heard of the "GTA04" replacement motherboard.  This is board
> which goes into the case for an Openmoko Freerunner or Neo 1973 and gives it
> better capabilities like 3G, USB-2.0, 512Meg RAM, faster (OMAP) processor,
> etc.
> We do have Linux running on this device but could use some help making it run
> better - hence this request.
> We do have an offer to provide a small number of boards to developers who
> commit to make them work better.  They would be most suitable for someone who
> already has an Openmoko phone (maybe gathering dust in a draw) as it could
> ultimately be used as a fully functional phone.  It is possible to do a lot
> of development with just the bare board, a battery, a serial cable and a USB
> cable though.
> There may be a delay in getting the boards as we are hoping to get enough
> pre-orders for a modest (350) manufacturing run and the boards on offer would
> come from that run.  However if we could line someone up now, that will
> reduce delays once the boards are ready.
> The particular needs are:
>  Drivers for sensors.
>   The board has an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer.
>   We do have simplistic drivers for these but there is room for improvement.
>   Particularly the accelerometer can generate interrupts on certain
>   conditions like taps or re-orientations but this functionality is not made
>   available by the driver.
>   Also some of the drivers provide ad-hoc interfaces and it might be good to
>   provide IIO interfaces (maybe).
>  FM radio:
>   The board has an FM radio transceiver.  This should be integrated with V4L2
>   I suspect.
>  Battery charging / USB power
>   Basic battery charging works, however it always tries to draw 600mA which
>   is contrary to USB spec.  There needs to be some negotiation with the
>   host to determine how much current is available, and then only draw that
>   much current for charging. (Also device doesn't charge while in suspend,
>   but this is probably an easy fix).
>  IrDA / CIR:
>   This is an infrared interface which has not received any attention yet.
>   It is connected to the OMAP3 UART3 which can drive these directly.
>  Power management:
>   This isn't exactly a driver issue, but current usage during suspend is
>   still too high (60mA instead of below 10mA).  I believe this is due to
>   something in the OMAP3 not being turned off properly but it could be
>   something else completely.   Getting this resolved would be excellent.
I can help with any kind of driver. I'm also owner of FreeRunner.
Thanks for doing that.
> We currently have two separate software stacks which provide mobile phone
> functionality on this hardware and kernel:  QtMoko and FSO
> (Freesmartphone.org).
> Other info is available at:
>  http://www.gta04.org
>  http://projects.goldelico.com/p/gta04-main/downloads/37/get/
>        This is a PDF which contains lots of details including links
>        to data sheets for most components, plus schematics.
>  http://projects.goldelico.com/p/gta04-kernel/page/Mainline-Status/
>     overview of current status of the kernel
> (detailed specification for cases are also available, so using a 3D printer to
> build a case for the motherboard could also be a fun side-project).
> Thanks for any help you can provide,
> NeilBrown - on behalf of the GTA04 project.
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