[Gta04-owner] GTA04 phonecall using SHR

Lukas Märdian lukasmaerdian at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 27 20:30:31 CET 2012

Hey all!

I just compiled a *very* recent SHR image (newer than latest
shr-core-staging) for my GTA04a3 board, to test the audio work GNUtoo
recently did.

After unpacking the tar.gz image to my uSD card and installing fsoaudiod
I was able to do a phone call, no further configuration needed – WOW!

There is still some echo on the non-gta04 site and a delay of about 1
sec, but it is quite possible to do a normal phone call in this state!

This is really impressing!
Thanks to GNUtoo/mrmoku for doing the audio work and of course Neil for
doing the necessary kernel work!

Now we – the SHR guys – just need to update our kernel to the latest
3.2-gta04 (still using the first 3.2-gta04 version) and after this you
all should be able to just download the latest shr-core[-staging] image
and use your GTA04 as a phone.

It's to bad I've very few time at the moment due to exams...
But still, GTA04 really rocks. This is awesome!


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