[Gta04-owner] You don't have to run for my order. Was: 3D printed GTA04 case

Xavi Drudis Ferran xdrudis at tinet.cat
Thu Jan 19 15:02:49 CET 2012

On Thu 19/01/12 12:24 , "Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller" <hns at goldelico.com> wrote:

> We plan to provide a Case-Kit with all these "missing" components.

Great news !
> But we have to make the "from stock" GTA04A4 main
> board ready for shipment first (testing, packaging, putting
> into boxes, adding stickers etc.).

I understand you may be a little hurried for that trying to minimise 
delays on deadlines, and that you have a compromise to fulfill with
all the "from stock" customers, and of course I can't speak for all of them,
or give any kind of advice, but what I can say as one of those customers

If you ship my GTA04 "from stock" tomorrow, I'll be able to test a little and 
start getting used to installing stuff and the boot process, and I'll learn some
things and I'm eager to get it, alright. But I'm no kernel developer, I don't know 
much about electronics, ARM or the majority of peripherals... I mean I won't 
be able to complete development of all the missing bells and whistles (even 
if they aren't much). I won't get all the usability and features until some more 
nice people work more for us all (big thank you from your work for far and the
future work). Right know the people doing it are very good but very few. And I
fear getting a feeling like expressed by Boudewijn , of having a board which 
isn't quite ready for production yet, but almost, and no chance to help improve 
it while others with the skills and will to improve it don't have it.

If you delay shipping my GTA04 now, and can use that 
time to enable people to buy complete Phoenuxes without any stock limitation,
this increases the chances that either by the stablished deadline or a with 
a small delay, decent amounts of orders can be reached, the group tour can
succeed and the community of people improving the software, perfecting
usability, battery life and features, OS choices and applications may expand 
a lot. I can't guarantee that efforts to build new complete phones will increase orders
a lot, but I have a feeling that they are a game changer, and at the very least 
can be useful to document an interesting experiment. If this volume of orders
arrives too late it may waste a lot of already spent effort. You may not get 350 orders
by february, although both the closeness of the deadline and FOSDEM may
well give us a nice surprise, but if you get them by April or maybe June you might
still be able to serve them. Maybe later you won't, or you will need too much effort
to source stuff again, or even redesign something.   

So from a very selfish point of view (although not harmful for others), because the 
community of GTA04 owners is small now, and the delay of my GTA04 may help
increase it soon enough, I think my best interest in order to have an awesome complete phone
as free as possible at the earliest (and this time I mean complete like in hardware + software + healthy community),
is authorising you to divert time from shipping my order to enabling production of new
complete phones, with case, all components and GTA04 board, if you want to. 

If I were more a developer with the needed skills and had the time to contribute, 
I might think otherwise, so I don't know how many GTA04 customers may join me
in allowing you this delay. And even if we were many, I don't know if you feel like
changing priorities. In fact, the work done to ship GAT04 from stock is
also a preparation for the work to ship complete phones, because they must 
include a working GTA04 inside, so you may decide it's prioritary, maybe depending 
on what amount of work lies with you or your provider(s). Or you may just decide 
you've spent too much time on a project that you scheduled for less, or whatever. So it's up to you, I just 
want to remove any pressure on you I can remove, and suggest other customers who don't
think themselves very likely to contribute much right now to do the same.

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