[Gta04-owner] Openmoko Community Survey 2011 – Results

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Tue Jan 17 08:52:41 CET 2012

On Monday 16 January 2012 16:21:51 Michael Born wrote:

> The reasons for me to not order the gta04, yet.
> 1. Following your link to the price survey, I found your offer for a
> complete gta04 - for the first time. Up to now I thought I have to buy
> the gta04 board from you and then buy a case, antenna, display,... from
> other sources. I follow the interesting 3d printing a gta04 case
> discussion, but I did not see a list where to get the remaining parts to
> make a real phone out of the gta04 board. For me as a user - I need a
> complete phone.
> 2. The phone should be able to solve basic "phone" tasks. On the list
> there are topics like "3.2 kernel up and running" or "some power saving
> is improved". I would like to see a minimal goal for the software. For
> me this would include:
> - phone calls work
> - sms works
> - battery on/stand-by times are announced
> - all hardware features are working (maybe a small test program for
> every feature is provided)
> This milestone should be published through as many news portals as
> possible. (of course the sophisticated features should be
> mentioned/shown, but the important thing to me is: gta04 is basically
> working) (A friend of mine had a gta02 and could barely use it for quite
> some time. I will not spend €500 on a phone that can't be used)

I am about to start using GTA04 as daily phone, but i still miss low latency 
UMTS audio routing, but i am working on it. Then i will report how it works as 
a phone.



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