[Gta04-owner] Openmoko Community Survey 2011 – Results

Eikka Laakso eikka.laakso at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 05:37:12 CET 2012


When the kernel problems are gone, suspend works and it is possible to 
announce that GTA04 works better after a few months of life than GTA02 
after almost 4 years of its original shipping date. That will be the day 
when most of the GTA02 owners are willing to place the order.

After Openmoko pulled the rug out, I was angry and didn't want to put 
any money on developer hardware unless I was sure. I use my freerunner 
as a daily phone and some of the hardware bugs still infuriate me. 
However I did participate in the GTA04 group tour since it seems that in 
many ways GTA04 is in better shape than my GTA02 was after I already had 
it for a year. Only place where I see that there might be a showstopper 
hwbug lurking is suspend/standby time, but I'm confident that it's a 
software bug or if not, it will be found before the group tour goes 

In my mind you already have created the best phone/gadget/toy/pc in the 
universe. Now I just need to have it in my hands with a working kernel :).


On 16.01.2012 20:17, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> Am 16.01.2012 um 18:58 schrieb Karsten Düsterloh:
>> Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller aber hob zu reden an und schrieb:
>>>> When I have time I will try other images and new features. If they don't
>>>> work - ok, I write bug reports and restore the "basic functionality
>>>> image" to have a working phone.
>>> Maybe it is simply not well known: QtMoko works quite completely in almost
>>> all important features (phone calls, SMS, internet, player).
>> That's in important fact to know indeed!
>> The possibility to just jump back to a working distro when all goes
>> wrong is crucial (for me at least). I want my „phone“ to just work in
>> between tinkering mood phases …
>> Following this list, one (naturally) mostly gets to hear about the
>> problems. Like Michael said, this may frighten people off.
>> (Personally, I'll postpone any decision about until after FOSDEM.)
> There will be a lightning talk at FOSDEM:
> 	http://www.fosdem.org/2012/news/accepted-lightningtalks (Niels Heyvaert)
> and a stand in building AW:
> 	http://www.fosdem.org/2012/stands (Openmoko)
> So a very good opportunity to see the GTA04 in operation
> and make decisions afterwards!
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