[Gta04-owner] Openmoko Community Survey 2011 – Results

Bob Ham rah at bash.sh
Mon Jan 16 10:59:46 CET 2012

On 16/01/2012 07:53, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> 4. a final observation is that I have to conclude that some of us have
> no realistic perception of the market prices.

Almost certainly so; most people in the mobile phone market will never 
actually buy a mobile phone.  The vast majority of people will buy a 
contract with a free phone, or a contract with a heavily subsidised 
phone.  This skews people's perception of the cost of mobile phones.

> The cheapest UMTS Android 2.2 device I can currently get in
> Germany is at 129 EUR (most likely from some overstock clearance).
> Has a 320x240 display, no sensors, no free and open software. No
> hardware description, no schematics. Appears to be crap and much
> less featured than the GTA04. But the poll result indicates this is the
> way we should go. Really?

Perhaps a simple phone that does what it does, and does it well, is a 
good idea.  A cut-down phone running free software could well be very 
popular.  Perhaps the answer is hidden in Q1: the high-end feature set.  
Let me reverse the question: why produce a phone with a high-end feature 
set, rather than a functional phone with a low-end feature set?

Cost is evidently a significant issue.  The lack of sales demonstrates 
the need to find the right balance between cost and features.  
Unfortuntely, it seems that the GTA04 is not so well balanced in this 
respect.  That's not to say it won't be successful; it's still pretty 
much the only option for those who have strong beliefs about freedom (or 
will be, once cases are readily available).  However, a low-end phone 
with a good balance between cost and features will no doubt be much more 
widely popular.

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