[Gta04-owner] Kubuntu-Mobile on GTA04

David Lanzendörfer david.lanzendoerfer at o2s.ch
Sat Jan 14 18:36:54 CET 2012

> Bed is calling, but not hard enough? :-P 
Don't you know this situation?
Allthough being tired, there are thoughts flying around in your head.
Closing the eyes but still you can't sleep, allthough the eyes are burning from being tired.
Sometimes I've got this kind of partial insomnia.
But well... Got my sleep after all, allthough it was 3 o'clock a.m. >_>

> And with the same interface?
No. I guess we have to move this to OMAP4-project.
I've already posted some ideas:

> So we can first swap motherboards, then cases, 
> then screens...
Would be nice :-)

> I tried a search for TD028TTEC1, and for toppoly in general. I could not find 
> out which interface our screen uses, or which (larger) screens are compatible, 
> but I did see many overstock offers (mostly 320x240 though).
But it's obvious why this way it won't work.
Technology is permanently developing.
Intelligent people, mostly the engineers, let them self enslave by the much more stupid
society and are then forced to work under hard time pressure by understand-lacking
much more stupid bosses alias managment, in order to feed their clutch, which was a byproduct
of the mentality of not thinking about the totally sick and wrong society and instead mating over it,
while closing the eyes. Ugly hacked tinkering, and unstable interfaces are a result of this kind of
working practise.
In this world we try to plug our own ideals in, without first trying to violently change the problems
and wonder why it goes wrong, all the time...
What I already tried to tell the Occupy-movement-people as well: Pacifism is no way for successing
in a world dominated by bastards who just stab you from behind in order to earn more money.

Same here: We just have to stick together, get donations from all FOSS-community people
and make our own community internal projects.

We should not try to get rich, because FOSS is not about getting rich.
It's about giving a shit about the money itself, making money become a byproduct of something
you'd do anyway, even if you don't get paid for it.

It's the purest essence of how the rainforest works, and that's why these stupid leaders of the animals
which call themself humanity create fear of it among their followers.

It's about a natural cycle which always produces all you need for survival and renews it.

Same as FOSS, which keeps itself alive based on its fitness for survival, because it provides goods
which aren't expressed in money but much more in  it's efficience and beauty.

Same as in nature: The more beautiful, the more dangerous it is.

And that's how we should succeed with our OpenMoko: Evolution is the keyword.

Is the display interface still fit for survival? No? Replace it.

> Boudewijn
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