[Gta04-owner] semiconductor manufacturing

David Meder-Marouelli openmoko at online.de
Thu Jan 12 07:40:00 CET 2012

Hi David,

Am 11.01.2012 20:57, schrieb David Lanzendörfer:
> does someone of you know a manufacturer of semi conductors
> who might produce a small bunch of CPUs like an OpenSPARC? ^.^
> I've heard some universities would have their own small manufacturing engines.
> We wouldn't need a high amount, only some pieces for testing, for a start.
> If it's an issue of money, let's ask Richard if he has some money left
> for our _totally free_ hardware project ;-)

>From my time at university I remember that some colleagues were
participating in the Europractice programme:


Maybe that could provide you with small series of test samples...

Best, David

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