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Interesting, was there any option for anonymity at all?


On 9 January 2012 13:11, Lukas Märdian <lukasmaerdian at googlemail.com> wrote:
> The poll was open for about 3 weeks now and we got votes from 185
> people. Thanks to all those who participated and thus helped to decide
> on the future of the Om community.
> I decided to close the poll now and release the results to the
> mailinglists. To create a ranking I gave 1 point to a "YES" vote and 0.5
> points to a "(YES)" vote. The maximum (100%) is 73 points.
> The rankings didn't change in round 2 of this poll. Just the percentages
> changed in a range of +-5%.
> =========
> Software Side:
> 1. SHR                  112.5 points    (61%)
> 2. QtMoko                99.5 points    (54%)
> 3. Debian                75.5 points    (41%)
> 4. Other Distro          40.0 points    (22%)
> Hardware Side:
> 1. Om GTA02             158.5 points    (86%)
> 2. Goldelico GTA04       71.0 points    (38%)
> 3. Nokia N900            34.0 points    (18%)
> 4. Other Device          26.0 points    (14%)
> 5. Palm Pre (+variants)  14.5 points    ( 8%)
> 6. Om GTA01               9.5 points    ( 5%)
> 7. Google Nexus S         7.0 points    ( 4%)
> On the software side SHR is still the most popular distro, directly
> followed by QtMoko. Quiet a few people commented, that they intend to
> code their own software/GUI mostly to educated themselves.
> On the hardware side the Om GTA02 is the clear winner, followed by the
> Goldelico GTA04. Even though very few people have a GTA04, yet, there
> seems to be quite some interest.
> =========
> sanvy:
> Debian: Defora OS for developing
> SHR: only in case of emergency
> QtMoko: never used qt after qtextended, but i follow changelogs.
> Other distro: Android Cupcake
> GTA04: only if the price goes under 300€
> I use FR as daily phone since 2008.
> Macros:
> My Openmoko Screen is currently broken and I haven't yet found time to
> fix it. My N900 has an hardware issue. The internal memory has gone
> "crazy" and the writing errors destory the OS after a few days. When I
> send it to nokia care, the reflash the OS and it breaks again. Even
> though I gave them a detailed description.
> Other device: G1 Android. It feels crappy and like I am tied to a brick
> but at least my only working phone
> Evgeniy:
> Other device: Samsung Galaxy S
> Maximilian:
> Other distro: Android
> Other device: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
> GTA04: if the pris goes at least under 300 EUR
> Pinky:
> Other device comment: Acer N35 (sometimes -is pretty old)
> Niels Heyvaert:
> AoF is missing on this list
> Jorge Costa:
> "the problem is that android 2.2 is too slow for common..."
> Jorge Costa:
> I have a few must have needs in my phone: google contact sync(over
> 2000contacts), gps+maps, GPRS+wifi.
> so far only android 2.2 fullfilled all of these, QTMOKO allows me to
> sync my contacts from google contacts, but the address book in unusable
> as it doesn't have a search function. (scrolling through contacts is
> impossible).
> The problem is that 2.2 is too slow for common day usage, and it crashes
> quite often
> guyou:
> qtMoko makes my GTA2 a daily phone. If I have to change, I wish a phone
> with keyboard, like N900.
> aloniv:
> Qtmoko works as a phone other than GPRS (which crashes the phone) and
> encrypted wifi (which I wasn't able to setup via the graphical
> interface). Om2009 actually provides GPRS, phone functionality and
> wireless (via Saskia) quite well, although the phone software is very
> very basic. I couldn't receive SMS messages with SHR and Debian's
> default phone software wasn't usable (no sound was played when receiving
> a call). Hackable1 wasn't usable as a phone either (couldn't receive calls).
> losinggeneration:
> Only QtMoko actually works for me, SHR is unable to receive SMS
> messages, & I also use Android-on-freerunner 2.2 some, but it's quite slow.
> pothos:
> Android-on-Freerunner 2.2
> Muhammad Ayaz:
> I have N900 but Installation process of SHR is too much difficult as I
> am window user and noob to Linux, If possible Community should write
> some easy tutorial for installation. Thanks
> rhn:
> After switching to n900 when my GTA02 died, I'm never switching back to
> a phone without any form of physical keyboard. Otherwise I'd be
> interested in GTA04.
> blat:
> Other OS: Nemo Mobile (based on Mer)
> Mirv:
> Other device: Nokia N9. I try to keep
> http://wiki.debian.org/Mobile/Nokia_N9 about up-to-date, while most of
> the distro action currently is on Mer/Nemo side.
> Nick Sheppard:
> I've been using my GTA02 as my everyday phone for a year and a half,
> first with SHR, then QtMoko v24, then SHR again. I've just signed up for
> the GTA04 Group Tour.
> I've tinkered with Android-on-FreeRunner, and I'd be interested in a
> NetBSD port, especially since I discovered that Android took a lot of
> its userland glibc from NetBSD and OpenBSD.
> Finally MANY thanks to all involved in the FreeRunner project - this
> community has made the Freerunner my favorite toy!
> Ed:
> I run gentoo as the OS on my GTA02 and want to write my own phone app
> too, just for fun. So i like an OS that has as little dependencies as
> possible, and a distro that uses well established software for wifi
> (wpa_supplicant), Bluetooth (Bluez), Gps (gpsd) etc.
> Rezza:
> I sold my GTA02 (now I'm sad, I'd like to get one again , now using
> N9 (Harmattan PR 1.1), I have also N950 (Harmattan PR 1.2) and N900
> (with Maemo 5 and Nemo) and one pre-production C7
> JLuis:
> I will try to get a N900 or a samsung Galaxy S
> Zeroedout:
> Other distro: AoF (Android on Freerunner), not usually as daily use,
> mostly just for testing cool android things and seeing if there are
> performance / stability improvements.
> urodelo:
> Other distro: android for gta02/gta04 and/or replicant; webos on gta04
> if it'll be available/worth
> Robin:
> Other distro is the android port for the freerunner for my wife's phone.
> with two kids to feed and just one income the gta04 is unfortunately
> about 75eur too expensive (compared to the early bird fee). may another
> poll to see how many people have an interest in really buying the gta04
> at certain fees would good.
> Boudewijn:
> (Yes), ifneedbe, I use a Motorola A780. Mostly that's not necessary, but
> sometimes for weeks in a row, something seems "wrong" with my Freerunner
> and/or the software.
> jogness:
> For my GTA02 and GTA04 I plan on putting together my own rootfs and
> write my own applications for a mobile phone interface that fits to what
> I want. Until I get that far, I'm using QtMoko. My only interests: speed
> and functionality.
> Yoram:
> I would love to have GTA04 but it's not possible for me righ now. I use
> WebOS on Pre 3 and will be happy to have supported free distro for it.
> pini:
> Debian + QtMoko : because QtMoko installs itself on top of Debian
> GTA04 : I don't have one yet, but I'm on the next group buy. And I'll
> fallback to one from stock if the group
> Matthias:
> Other distro comment: I'd like to use a *BSD port
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