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On 06.01.2012 15:01, NeilBrown wrote:
> Also is there a simple way I can get a half-decent GSM antenna attached to
> the bare board?  With no antenna I get a signal strength of about '1' so I
> can see the carrier but that is about all.
> Can I just solder a few cm of wire onto the little square where the antenna
> connects and get a strong enough signal to send/receive SMS and maybe a bit
> of data?
> (I've looked around for a cheap antenna with a U.FL connector but nothing
> obvious surfaced).
> Thanks,
> NeilBrown
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The easiest way to get at least some connectivity is to take a piece of 
insulated wire and make a few bends to it.

if you have a 15cm piece of thin insulated wire, measure 5cm and bend 90 
decrees. After the bend(longer piece of wire) wrap it around a 3mm 
drill, a thick screw or something similar. Make 5 loops. Take out the 
drill and pull the loops apart so the space between them is 2-4mm. Strip 
the longer end of wire so you can get a connection to the pad.

If you are careful you might be able to use a plastic clothes peg to 
hold the wire so you don't need to solder. Works at least with GTA02, 
but since I had the display in place, there wasn't much room for the 
clothes peg.

Definitely not the optimal antenna but the Freerunner antenna is 
probably not meant for 2100 MHz either so lets not make it too fancy :). 
I believe it's enough for some hacking and debugging.

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