[Gta04-owner] Now that 3.2-final is out...

NeilBrown neilb at suse.de
Fri Jan 6 14:01:49 CET 2012

The "merge" branch of
now contains a merge off all my different "topic" branches based on 3.2.

Also there is now a "3.2-gta04" branch which I plan to keep 'stable'.
i.e. I will only add things to it and I won't be pulling 3.3-rc stuff into it.
(3.2-gta04 is currently identical to 'merge')

As 3.3-rc1 approaches, the 'merge' branch may get unstable.  If you don't
want to help test that, feel free to use '3.2-gta04'.

New stuff in rc7:

 - I've managed to find some more power-saving options, like turning on
   CPU_IDLE and finding some patches for usb-host power-management.
   Current status is that idle current can get down below 160mA and
   suspend current can get below 65mA.  Still a way to go.

 - I hacked the bma150 driver so that it would report numbers from the
   bma180 accelerometer.  This appears as /dev/input/event1.
   I'll remove this when I finally write a proper driver (probably while my
   wife is watching the tennis :-)

 - backup-battery-charging is now even better, and the RTC clock switches
   to low-power mode when there is no main battery, so the backup-battery
   should last about 10 hours.

 - If you "poweroff" it won't turn on again unless you press the power button.
   Previously having USB plugged in would power it on.

 - "uname -r" now includes "gta04" in the name of the kernel release.

 - I copied Nikolaus' code for catching the wakeup from the 3G chip, so there 
   is some chance it will now wake up on an incoming call.

 - on wake-up after suspend the charger will start charging again if plugged
   in.  We still don't  charge while suspended.

Also I started a wiki page to describe the current status in detail:


I have only confirmed things work where I have personally tested them.
I would be very happy for others to test things and update the page
Also if there is anything missing, please feel free to add section headings
and/or content as appropriate.

Still to fix:
  - there is an interesting issue with interrupts firing while suspend is
    happening which results in the RTC alarm and power button not working to
    wake from suspend while USB is plugged in.   I want to properly
    understand that and then fix it.
  - I have a suspicion that parts of the OMAP SOC are still being left on.
    I want to hunt around and see what hints I can find about that.
  - I still want to write a proper drivers for the BMA180 and other sensors...
  - Charging while suspend is pretty important too...

We also need to make sure sound can be routed from 3G to mic/speaker
properly.  I haven't had a chance to have another look at pulse-audio yet.

Once all (or most) of that is resolved it will be time for me to port my
user-space code over and put the board in the case!!!

BTW are there simple instructions somewhere on how to set up a data
connection over the 3G network?

Also is there a simple way I can get a half-decent GSM antenna attached to
the bare board?  With no antenna I get a signal strength of about '1' so I
can see the carrier but that is about all.

Can I just solder a few cm of wire onto the little square where the antenna
connects and get a strong enough signal to send/receive SMS and maybe a bit
of data?

(I've looked around for a cheap antenna with a U.FL connector but nothing
obvious surfaced).


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