[Gta04-owner] Using the GTA04 board in other HW Case

xdrudis xdrudis at tinet.cat
Wed Jan 4 01:18:41 CET 2012

On Tue, Jan 03, 2012 at 10:13:08AM +0100, Radek Polak wrote:
> And the third (IMO biggest) problem is that every phone model (except maybe 
> iPhone) is that it's being produced for only a few months. If you started 
> designing pcb at the same time when phone enters market, you will be finished 
> at a time when the phone is no longer being produced.

As long as many units of the phone have been produced, it is not a
huge problem that the phone is no longer produced, you can buy it
second hand and recycle it. The older it gets the easier it should
be to get hold of one, at least until it is fit for a museum.

The problems previously explained, though, seem much harder (closed 
design, possible electrical incompatibility  and size constraints). 

But I was thinking more in things better documented, like nanonotes,
openpandoras, milkymist cases, etc. , not necessarily phones.

In any case I'm glad people is developing new cases. That's great.

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