[Gta04-owner] 3D printed GTA04 case

Christoph Mair christoph.mair at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 10:18:34 CET 2012


On Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 9:44 AM, Boudewijn <wankelwankel at yahoo.com> wrote:
> On a sidenote, whether in wood or in other materials, I thought of adding
> contact points for recharching in other ways than USB. Actually that would
> be to use it as VoIP handset, in a similar manner as DECT phones in a
> cradle. Obviously it is to be connected to TPS65950, but I do not really see
> where to connect it exactly. According to USB-OTG on page 81 of [2], 5V is
> connected to VBUS/R8, but I can't find that on OMAP power (p79) or Clock and
> Charger (p78, where I see POWER in the middle of the diagram at pins 7/8,
> connected to VAC/N5). Is it safe just to wire 5V to the USB-OTG connector
> and have recharge pads at the bottom of the case?

I would suggest to use the VAC charge path. It has the advantage that
the charge current is not limited due to some USB spec and it is
easily available at the debug connector. 5V seems to be fine here, the
absolute maximum is 6.5V IIRC.

Hope that helps,

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