[Gta04-owner] Detect Call Hangup / Option Datasheet

Marcel Holtmann marcel at holtmann.org
Sun Jan 1 20:59:06 CET 2012

Hi Nikolaus,


> > As a conclusion, a direct contact with Option to get the firmware
> > actually fixed and extended to be used as a voice call modem is the only
> > way to go. Otherwise you have an expensive data only modem in a phone
> thank you very much for those comments.
> I will try to get them sorted out with our contact to Option (unfortunately
> it is not direct but through a distributor).

if you figure out direct contact with Option, I am happy to help you
with getting this all sorted. oFono utilizes the modems at their maximum
and thus we can get you detailed AT command traces for almost every
single problem we have faced with other modem manufactures. Besides
voice call handling, I think we have the Option modem fully supported

> > form factor. Or you start looking at getting Telit or IFX based modems.
> We did that and at the time we decided, their modems were horribly
> big. So we would have had to sacrifice the handsfree speakers to
> get it into the existing case...

The Telit modem is indeed not small. At least the ones that I have seen
so far.

And most likely Infineon (actually Intel now) might not wanna give you a
good deal or small quantities for the 6260 or similar modems. Have you
tried to ask?



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