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Sun Jan 1 21:24:39 CET 2012

I've not placed an order yet mostly for economical considerations.
I married and my salary was cut 30%  .     (there is no causal link in the two 
facts! :-)  )

So to sum up. I guess my ideas that follow are mostly long-term.
For the current issues i'd like some price flexibility maybe cut some sensors 
and  split the payment in two or three?  

> * offer to pay only part of the price by end of the subscription
>   time frame so that we can already buy the expensive
>   and difficult to source components, but postpone
>   production individually until the remaining payments
>   arrive? (i.e. pay 200 EUR until 10th Feb and the remainder
>   until May)

==Publicity , economical enforcement ==
I'm from greece. A country severely hit from economical depression/loan 
So i've developed an eye toward financial innovation that would help 
peer production libre-open hardware projects to interplay with global
currencies in more just and viable frame. One such innovation that i think 
worth a try to create one  additional currency income channel is flattr-like 
micropayment systems. 
GTA04 team could create a flattr account  embedded in a beautiful web page
making public the projects aim  and unique aspects . 
So imagine a beautiful page like http://build.shr-project.org/ embedding some
functionality and ideas from http://www.humblebundle.com/ to promote :
+ the micropayment channel
+ the cool ideas of the project

As for stories i found one but not encouraging:
Anything Up With OpenMoko These Day

== Shipments ==

The group tour gives me some mixed feelings. Like: i wish i could take the 
most discount... (time pass by) - Oh #$$%  i've missed the bigger discount!!.

Also i aggree that there is a deadlock window :
what another friend wrote 'Everyone is expecting the others to start... '

I feel reluctant to put away my gta02 (mosty cause i have not used it as much 
as i'd like like a basic phone and that floats up also the software maturity 
issues)  so i'd like some options here.  
I like the ideas for 3d printing(outsourcing) a new simple case.
I like the wood case a friend created (i'd be willing to pay for it if someone 
test it)
I like the idea of a smart phone not only in software terms but in the 
abilitity to be combined with more that one LCD or case for example.


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