[Gta04-owner] Replicant UI starting on GTA04

PaulK paulk at paulk.fr
Mon Apr 16 21:47:01 CEST 2012

Le lundi 16 avril 2012 à 20:45 +0000, Radek Polak a écrit :
> On Monday 16 April 2012 14:49:11 PaulK wrote:
> > After spending the last few weeks trying to get GTA04 kernel to work
> > with Android parts, along with fixing Android software which didn't seem
> > to stop crashing, I finally got Android UI to start on GTA04.
> Congratz, is there any howto for compiling from sources? I'd like to try and 
> possibly contribute.

Replicant wiki has a page that explains how to build for GTA04:

Bear in mind that you need both build dependencies:
and up to date replicant sources:

Download the sources takes quite a while, so please be patient :)

I didn't write install instructions yet. I'm using uSD setup currently,
which requires some files to be modified before building and a proper
uSD layout.

I'll give you more details soon (and perhaps write a wiki page about

Paul Kocialkowski, Replicant developer

Replicant is a fully free Android distribution

Website:        http://www.replicant.us
Wiki/Tracker:   http://redmine.replicant.us

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