[Gta04-owner] wooden case version 2

Eric André eric.andre at rican.ch
Sat Oct 29 08:26:36 CEST 2011

Hi Radek,

Bravo for this idea of wood case.
" Only one was not informed it was impossible, he did it"
I'm kind of used to that kind of crazy ideas and thoses first results, sometimes desapointing because of so evident things we didn't think of.
So don't do like some brands who made devices unusable in the sun or with gloves: a device unusable in moist places.
I mean (sorry for my bad English): as you know, wood grows with with water so just think of using wood with a low dilatation indice.

But once again bravo!
And I'd also be an early orderer of your case if I once get the chance to order a GTA04.

Best regards
Eric André 
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