[Gta04-owner] There's not only Linux out there

Martin Christian martin at christianix.de
Fri Oct 21 00:17:39 CEST 2011


so many people hurray about their new GTA04 devices, so I'm wondering if
I missed some call to order?!

Anyways, why are you so fixed on Linux as an OS for a mobile phone?
There are many other Open Source OSes around, which could be used:

- OKL4 microkernel from OK labs is used in commercial mobile products.
However, I don't like their "Sleepy Cat" licence. But it might be a start.

- Minix 3 from good old Tannenbaum. I looked at Minix 3 today, after 3
year not monitoring them. And I actually like the way it goes with it's
recent development release. Also, Minix 3 has a BSC license and you get
rid of all the legal questions that arise from closed source firmware.
You "only" have to get the UMTS driver ported to Minix 3. But that's
something I'd like to work on. Ah well, and you've got to write the ARM
platform code.

It's not that I don't like Linux. It's a great desktop OS. But I think
mobile devices require something more secure.

I fear with these ideas I probably won't get a GTA04 board, do I?



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