[Gta04-owner] Business strategy

Martin Christian martin at christianix.de
Sat Nov 19 15:33:00 CET 2011

Hi Nikolaus,

> It can be used as a bike computer, a pedestrian navigator, a geocaching tool,
> a portable e-mail access device, a remote surveillance camera, a RFID ticket
> reader, a platform to build an on board controller of a quadrocopter, the core
> of a MokoTab, etc. I think there are many more use cases where you need
> a small, (replaceable!) battery operated high-computing power, UMTS connected
> unit.
Those are indeed some very interesting use cases, I haven't thought
about. Especially the idea with the quadrocopter is worth a second thought.

> Some of the key developers have received a GTA04 board in the
> past weeks and are already working on it. But I can't make any
> promises on their progress.

> So let me ask questions to you and the list:
> - what is your view of a typical Openmoko user?
> - what makes you interested so that you did subscribe to this list and
>    start this discussion?
I don't have to defend myself for asking questions, do I? But of course
I'll answer any questions asked politely:

I discovered GTA02 a while ago. At that time I was thinking of starting
my own business. And I thought I could take the device put an Android on
it and sell it to non technical end users. However, shortly after I had
this idea, OpenMoko announced that they are not going to continue the
development. This basically killed the idea, because I'm not a hardware guy.

Now, I'm working for company which creates hight security systems based
on Linux. And we don't offer a security hardened mobile phone, yet.
Since you picked up the OpenMoko idea, I thought we could build one on
top of the GTA04. However, this requires that the GTA04 is going to be
improved for some while and that you don't cancel the development like
OpenMoko did. That's why I'm interested in your business model and
strategy. Freedom is not a business model for itself. Freedom ends when
you want to get food. Then only money counts. But I believe giving
freedom to your customers, is a basis for success.

Apart all the business subjects, I'm also interested in building a
GSM-SIP gateway:


I wanted to use my Android for that, but I couldn't figure out how to do
it, yet. So my idea was to use the GTA04 instead. But as I mentioned, I
thought it would be a little cheaper.

I'll stop here. One manifest per month is enough, isn't it? ;-)


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