[Gta04-owner] Business strategy

Alexander Lehner lehner at edv-buero-lehner.de
Fri Nov 18 00:41:39 CET 2011

On Thu, 17 Nov 2011, Martin Christian wrote:

> So I should probably rephrase my questions:
> - When do you think the GTA04 is in a state that a typical iPhone user,
> could use it?
> - Which milestones do you see on the way and at what point in time?

Sorry, but I must append here my unqualified comments:

Nikolaus hast spent many month in developing the GTA04 prototype. I really 
don't know how he managed this at all, since I guess that his company is a 
rather small one. Buying electronic parts, making the PCB's etc already 
costed him very likely a huge amount of money if you consider his 
named price of a single GTA04 board.

We, the readers of this mailinglist are now asked to be his 'investors' to 
keep this project go on.

I for myself bought several things from Nikolaus' and Pulster's shop, just 
to keep them alive. They are some of the greatest guys in open 
development business.

It's not that I'm swimming in money, but this is the first phone with a 
real market-price. It costs what it's worth.
Support the hardware development, and still, the software will be free of 
charge (which again is an incredible amount of time invested by 


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