[Gta04-owner] New hw-validation snapshot

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Wed Nov 16 21:56:31 CET 2011

I have released a new hw-validation snapshot:




What is new?
* fix for AUX button kernel driver to return KEY_PHONE like the GTA02 does
* fix for Xorg.conf to recognize AUX and Power buttons input drivers
* made TSC2007 driver better calculate temperature
* added virtual-regulator.5 to control VSIM (used to power the internal/external GPS antenna)
* added accept4() system call
* configured drivers and added some code for the OV9655 camera module (untested, can't work because power supply is missing)

You do not need to reinstall the rootfs or reformat the SD card. Just
extract and replace the modified uImage and Xorg.conf (I hope
I did not forget anything).


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