[Gta04-owner] Business strategy

Martin Christian martin at christianix.de
Wed Nov 16 16:32:53 CET 2011

Hello Nikolaus,

by now I've collected some questions regarding the strategy of Golden
Delicious (I'll call it GD later) and the GTA04. I think they might be
interesting to others as well, hence I write them directly to the list:

a) In which role do you see GD regarding the GTA04? Do you want to sell
a component of a mobile phone only (the mainboard), a complete device
(including case and so on) or even a complete, ready to use mobile phone?

b) What is you time line for the GTA04 project? When do you plan to have
a production ready version of whatever your goal is (see a)?

c) What is your target price for the final version of your "product"
(see a)?

Honestly, I've been shocked a little bit by your price quotes. I
expected the board to be something around the beagle board. My idea was
to start with your board until I have a prototype and then present it to
my employer as a R&D project. However, 500 EUR is a little bit too much
for a "hobby" - and that's what it is right now. Hence, my employer
needs to be involved in a much earlier state. But that would require
some more details about your plans with GTA04 - and following.



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