[Gta04-owner] GPS fix?

Alexander Lehner lehner at edv-buero-lehner.de
Tue Nov 15 16:03:51 CET 2011

On Tue, 15 Nov 2011, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:

>> Might opening the battery cover help? Are best results expected while 
>> pointing the antenna up, keeping it vertical or horizontal?
> Best result should be antenna outdoors towards the sky.

The sky usually has a 180 degree coverage in a half-sphere ;)

My (personal) experience was, that pointing the top of the phone towards 
the horizon brings best results.
If you point it vertically, the measurement will be more focused on 
altutide, or not?

>> Is a broken cable easily recognized? The cable is quite stiff, does it 
>> become less stiff if it's broken? The connector gave a little "snap" 
>> when pressing it on, so that side seems ok.

I had a broken cable once and the gpsd output looked the same.
I tried to re-solder it and took a multimeter to check for short between 
both lines and connection which seemed OK, but still no success.
I fear that resoldering this cable is almost impossible because it seems 
very sensible to influences of the soldering balls itself due to the high 


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