[Tinkerphones] Fwd: [Gta04-owner] QtMoko: a dream comes true :)

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Fri Feb 23 16:17:33 CET 2018

On Friday 23. February 2018 12.28.59 Norayr Chilingarian wrote:
> I would prefer it to be on github.

I see that Radek already had a clone of QtMoko on GitHub.

But it annoys me somewhat when people "prefer" things that are convenient to 
themselves but may not be convenient to others, especially when it may put 
everyone at the mercy of an organisation that may not act kindly towards the 

To take another example, I seem to recall that people "preferred" PayPal as a 
way of donating to the Neo900 initiative because they couldn't be bothered to 
accommodate the initiative's own arrangements and/or couldn't discover how to 
make international payments, and so on. They are probably the very same people 
who have since given Joerg and others grief about the "delays" that then 
occurred because PayPal acted malevolently.

By the way, I agree with other statements made about "public" and genuinely 
public venues.

> On the contrary, by keeping the separate, even public git tree, the
> chances to be discovored and contributed to are much lower.

Well, searching for "QtMoko" with DuckDuckGo, Nikolaus's repository is in 
sixth position. The top spot is actually the SourceForge site for QtMoko, the 
OpenMoko site is at number two, then it is Radek's GitHub clone followed by 
two more SourceForge URLs.

It seems to me that people searching the Internet, as opposed to only 
searching GitHub (with its millions of difficult-to-distinguish clones of the 
Linux kernel), may figure it out after all.


P.S. Personally, I prefer to use Mercurial, but unlike the brigades clamouring 
to use Git and then specifically GitHub who seem to invade every Free Software 
project, I choose not to demand that people do things my way.

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