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Jonas Smedegaard jonas at jones.dk
Fri Feb 23 12:52:34 CET 2018

Quoting Norayr Chilingarian (2018-02-23 12:28:59)
> I would prefer it to be on github.
> Though usually I am the one who supports decentralization, but here are 
> some arguments:
> * github is a public place, where it is much more probable that your 
> project can be discovered by the people who potentially can get involved, 
> even if they did not know about the project before.
> (many different ways - accidentally, or by following your friends' 
> "likes", or by search, or by other means)

Github is "public" in the same sense that a pub or a discoteque is 
"public": You are welcome as long as you comply with rules of the place.

For a pub or a discoteque your dress might not fit their dresscode, or 
you may not consume enough of their sold beverages.

For Github your choice of license might not fit their auto-licensing.

> * github stimulates people to fork/make pull requests, this work is 
> public, and it increases people's social status, when they contribute 
> to the project on the public place, where it is noticeable by their 
> community.
> On the contrary, by keeping the separate, even public git tree, the 
> chances to be discovored and contributed to are much lower.

I agree that Github is much more likely to to be discovered: It is 
called the network effect - and is totally separat from public/private: 
Your friendships are more likely to be discovered on Facebook which is a 
similarly "public" place.

 - Jonas

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