[Tinkerphones] Community Digest, Vol 69, Issue 4

Niels Heyvaert nielsheyvaert at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 5 16:33:09 CET 2018

Hi Michael / Nikolaus,

A hackathon would definitely be beneficial, I believe. However, I wonder if only one evening will be getting us any closer to any incremental step forward. I can imagine some time will be lost by setting up toolchains and fixing dependencies/versions before things get going.

With guys from Replicant, QtMoko, OpenPhoenux, Neo900 and FSO in one room, a lot can be achieved. Guys like Radek, Sebastian, hellekin, Denis, Paul, Wolfgang and yourselves.

To make this efficient, you could consider preparing a wishlist of items to be worked with suggestions from the people attending.

Alternative option is to do an afternoon+evening in an appartment/hotel and register as FOSDEM Fringe with a combination of a lightning the first day of FOSDEM to involve/attrackt more people.

And why not get other people from Purism involved too ?

Best regards,

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