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What about the emmc module? Will that module be removable? Or instead a
built in emmc, wouldn't be a better choice to add a SD card slot? It would
be really great to experiment with operating systems without the risk of
corrupting the emmc.

Best regards,

On May 11, 2015 10:37 AM, "Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller" <hns at goldelico.com>

> Hi all,
> you may wonder what is going on with this project. Did it turn into a
> black hole? Or
> did someone do a “rm -rf /“ :)
> No, nothing of that. Therefore, I think we owe you some short status
> update on this project.
> There hasn’t been much to report in the last months, but now we have
> several news
> within some days.
> 1. I have checked again and we can still get the GTM601W, but the
> distributor says
>     the risk is high that OPTION declares EOL any time and in that case we
> would have
>     to make an order of at least 3000 units so that they restart
> production just for us.
>    This means we must secure these modules for us now, since there is no
> replacement
>    that easily fits into the space constraints of the GTA04 (resp.
> GTA01/02 board).
>    Cinterion modules would be nice since they are planned for the Pyra and
> the Neo900,
>    but they are approx. 10% too big.
> 2. we see some difficulties in getting the W2SG0084 GPS module, but that
> is some
>     paperwork the distributor has to do with Wi2Wi.
>    Nevertheless, this is also a risk candidate for EOL because only one
> distributor shows
>    stock.
> 3. There are also good news:
>     we participate in the risk buy of Samsung 1GB RAM+512MB NAND chips (as
>     planned for the Neo900). So the GAT04A5 gets twice as much RAM :)
>     This chip has already been tested by reworking a BeagleBoard XM and
> modifying
>     the boot loader (kernel didn’t find the NAND yet, but U-Boot did. This
> is a problem
>     that will jointly be fixed with the Neo900 software team).
> 4. Production: we still are a little away from the quorum of 100 preorders
> (at the
>     moment of this writing we have estimated approx. half = 45 units). So
> it is still
>     not possible to make final decisions about production dates and final
> pricing.
>     So we need to get a little more support for our project. If you have
> ideas, please
>     let us know or start activities. Many small activities are as good as
> a big one!
>     And we know that this is a niche product that requires an existing
> GTA01/02
>     device. So it is not possible to “attract the masses”. We must find
> and convince
>     the previous GTA01/02 owners whose devices are collecting dust. There
> had been
>     produced ca. 15k such devices so that we just need another 1/3% or in
> other
>     words only 1 out of 300 GTA02 owners needs to decide for a GTA04A5.
> 5. Regarding the risk buy of the GTM601W, RAM chips and W2SG0084, I plan to
>     take the budget (~5100 EUR) that we already have collected.
>     This will transform the vouchers into ownership of components. So it
> has the
>     consequence that we can’t refund in money (cash, bank transfer) any
> more, but
>     only in unused hardware components (i.e. 100 EUR ~
> 1*GTM601+1*RAM+1*GPS)…
>     For future preorder vouchers you would also buy such a component set
> (which we
>     would keep in safe warehouse of course) until we can really build the
> whole devices.
> So quite some news and I would be happy if we can fill up the missing
> preorders [1]
> sooner than later so that we can start production. Please think about
> securing your
> set of components for the last production batch of the most open
> smartphone platform
> that we already have.
> BR and thanks for continued support,
> Nikolaus Schaller
> [1]: http://shop.goldelico.com/wiki.php?page=GTA04A5
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