[Community] When will the Neo900 be ready for orders?

Ryan de Laplante (personal) ryan at ryandelaplante.ca
Sun Nov 23 17:05:47 CET 2014

>> I understand that you don't know exactly when, but maybe you can guess
>> roughly which quarter of 2015 it will be ready for order and delivery. Q1?
>> Q2?
> It's just a rough guess, but I'd say Q2.

Ok, thank you. I'm really looking forward to buying one ASAP.

>> Also, the ReplicantOS project purposely does not provide proprietary wifi
>> and modem drivers.  Maybe the Neo900 project can provide instructions for
>> those of us who want to use ReplicantOS with network capability.
> There's no need for proprietary drivers on Neo900 for either WiFi or
> modem. The only thing you need is a firmware blob for WiFi chipset
> (which is *not* executed on CPU), so the only thing you need to use it
> with Replicant is to put it into proper directory so the kernel can
> find it and upload to the chipset.
> Also, Goldelico Replicant images for GTA04 already include the WiFi
> firmware and in future should work with Neo900 as well.

Great! Do you know which other features will not work on ReplicantOS +
Neo900 without a proprietary firmware blob or driver?  The information
on this page related to the GTA04 worries me:


Maybe they could add a new row for Neo900 if the chips and status
information are different than the GTA04.


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